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About ALMO Process Technology

ALMO Process Technology is the combination of all the Allgaier Group  Process Technology Division companies, and mainly covers North America, the Caribbean, and Central America.



Allgaier Holding


ALLGAIER – with a new company structure

The previous business was split up into three independent companies in 2008: Allgaier Werke GmbH, Allgaier Automotive GmbH and Allgaier Process Technology GmbH.

Allgaier Automotive GmbH

This area is a strong partner for the automotive industry. It combines all the toolmaking activities as well as pressed part and component production at the headquarters with that of the subsidiaries in France and Mexico.

Allgaier Process Technology GmbH

Process Technology GmbH tackles extensive process technology challenges. This branch of the company bundles together the process technology of the headquarters and of the subsidiaries in Wedel, Sweden and Spain.

The former Allgaier Werke GmbH controls the Group as a holding company with central management services.



1906 Georg Allgaier founds a company in Göppingen for producing simple cutting and punching tools; operations are transferred to Uhingen in 1918.
1918 Transfer of operations to Uhingen.
1928 Delivery of the first large-scale body panel dies to Belgium and France.
1929 Start-up of production of pressed parts for the automotive industry.
1946 Following the death of the company's founder, his heirs continue running the company. Production of tractors is started.
1953 Start of manufacture of wind energy systems used for irrigation purposes worldwide.
1957 Manufacture of screening machines, starting point for the Process Technology division.
1975 Dr. Dieter Hundt becomes the first sole managing partner of the Allgaier company who is not a member of the Allgaier family.
1977 Foundation of a first production subsidiary based in France. Purchases of further production companies in Schleswig-Holstein, Sweden and Spain during the subsequent years.
1980 Reconstruction of the press shop at the Uhingen headquarters as well as extensive investments in cutting-edge production technologies.
1986 New buildings for the Automotive and Process Technology divisions as well as for training.
1988 Purchase of the North-German screening manufacturer, Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG, Wedel, Hamburg.
1992 Purchase of the drying machine manufacturer, C.G. Mozer GmbH & Co. KG, Göppingen. Merger of the subsidiary into the headquarters in 2003.
1995 Purchase of the screening machine manufacturer, Fredrik Mogensen AB in Sweden.
2000 Foundation of the sales subsidiary, "German Allgaier Werke GmbH" Shanghai, China.
2003 Additional orders from the automotive industry for component production require building of a new Plant 6 (7000 square meters useful area), during the years 2001 to 2003 investments attain peak values of more than 20 million Euros per annum, and the production area had been increased by more than 50,000 square meters since the end of the 1970s.
2003 Purchase of GOSAG S.A. in Spain, manufacturer of screening and processing systems.
2005 Sales running at the equivalent of € 25 m in 1975, the year when Dr. Dieter Hundt joined the company, have been multiplied to € 255 m. The number of employees within the Allgaier Group increased from 830 to 1700 during this period.
2006 Centenary of the Allgaier company.
2007 Dipl.-Ing. Helmar Aßfalg takes over management of the company from Dr. Dieter Hundt, the latter taking up the post as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
2008 The former business is split up into three independent companies. 

Allgaier Werke GmbH controls the Group as a holding company, Allgaier Automotive GmbH serves the automotive industry, and Allgaier Process Technology GmbH faces all the challenges of process technology.
2009 Allgaier founds the automotive subsidiary, Allgaier de Mexico, and manufactures pressed parts and components for the automotive and component industry in the NAFTA from its site in Mexico City.
2010 Formation of ALMO Engineering in Austria and ALMO Process Technology, Inc. in the USA.










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