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Mineral Sorting


Mineral Sorting

For the sorting of various minerals, like:

  • lime stone, marble, talcum
  • basalt
  • gravel, quartz
  • waste (e.g. brick chippings, concrete)
  • refractory material (e.g. raw magnesite, fusible magnesite)

Mogensen can offer various machine types:

Machine-Type particle size mm capacity t/h weight kg
MikroSort AK < 2 1 - 3  
MikroSort AF 2 - 10 3 - 10  
MikroSort AX, AL, AP 5 - 40 5 - 40  
MikroSort AS, AT 30 - 80 10 - 100 2,0
MikroSort AG, AH 80 - 250 90 - 200 14

MikroSort® scans bulk material in free fall by means of a color line camera. The respective data is evaluated by a freely programmable sorting software of an industrial computer by color, brightness and size into good product and rejected parts. The computer passes this information to between 160 and 224, depending on the machine type, fast and robust compressed air valves, each of which serves one compressed air nozzle. Rejected parts are evaluated by position, shape and size and blown out of the material flow. Depending on material, particle size distribution and the quantity of rejected material, different quantities may be sorted.


Advantages of the MikroSort®:

  • Inexpensive sorting of various minerals by color and brightness is possible.
  • Types AT and AH offer a double-sided detection of the material.
  • Slightest color and brightness differences (e.g. white / light and dark grey as for lime stone or different brown shades as for quartz sorting) are reliably detected and are available as sorting parameters.
  • The material yield is maximized by accurate detection and exact sorting.
  • Thanks to the exact coordination of the MikroSort® series regarding the particle sizes to be sorted, the compressed air consumption is optimized.
  • Rejection rates of up to 40% in continuous operation (rejecting of dark material as for lime stone or sorting out quartz from the raw material) may be realized.
  • As for coarse sorting, weights of up to 14 kg are reliably sorted out.
  • Low-maintenance operation thanks to optimized suction, automatic cleaning and long-lived light and compressed air components.
  • Effective wear protection Hardox or Vautid as well as solid steel, partly stainless steel, ensure long-term operation with long endurance.

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