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Rolling Bed Dryer


Rolling Bed Dryer  - Type WB-T



The rolling bed dryer combines the advantages of the drum dryer and fluidized-bed dryer systems, and is used for drying wood chips and organic residues.


The special design of the dryer permits homogenous and gentle drying at a low temperature level. It meets the requirements for processing organic residues in order to manufacture alternative fuels.


High energy efficiency, homogenous drying-through of the organic residues due to the long time spent by the product in the dryer. The waste heat from combined heat and power stations used for generating electrical energy can be reused optimally in the roller bed dryer.


  • Wood chips
  • Cropped biomass
  • Alternative fuels
  • Sugar beets pulp
  • Bush reaping
  • Greenery cut
  • Trimmings
  • Green waste


Download: Drying of organic residues in the new "Rolling Bed Dryer"



Waste/recycling / Wood/particle boards / Bio fuels/pellet

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